Door Closer Service

Closers adjustment, installation and repair

Commercial Door Closer Repair

Our technicians maintain the highest attention to detail in these circumstances and have a strong guarantee to back up the quality of our work. Should you require further information or a quote, do not hesitate to contact us to speak to a technician who can give you the best advice on the spot for all your door closer questions.


Repairing and maintaining closers.

If the door closer is not replaced in a reasonable time after it starts to show the first signs of trouble then and what often happens is that the doors functioning with the frame deteriorate. As the deterioration proceeds the brackets and fasteners attached to the door stress and strain such that the points of attachment become distended.

In other words, the aluminum or timber fails at these points resulting in misalignment of the attached structures on to the door and frame. Consequently the door and frame exhibit operation failure. Sooner or later, the operation of the door fails completely and the door is unable to move and lock compromising security.

When your door closer and associated brackets and pivots have been repaired/replaced and the new fasteners are secure, the door has to be fitted squarely into the rebate of the door jamb such that the gaps around the edge of the door are even and correct.


Door Closer Service and Repair

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Door Closer Problems

When you get door damage or door closer damage, you may dread the time and money it will take to fix. We know your time and money are precious. With Door Closer NYC, you can save time and money, our experienced repair technicians will come right to you, today!

Loose Arm

– When a door is hitting the frame before it is completely closed and latched.
– When a door requires an extra “push” to fully latch.
– Vertical height adjustment.

Symptoms of Loose Arm Locking Screw

– The door will not fully close.
– Door will slam just before closing.
– Door will have little or no control in the latch speed range.
– Door will “bounce” back after closing against frame.
– On hold open models, door will wiggle when in hold open.
– Door will make a loud popping noise when taken out of hold open.

Center-hung application and offset hung applications

Symptoms of Loose Arm can be:

– When the door will not fully close.
– Door will slam just before closing.
– The door will have little or no control in the latch speed range. The door will “bounce” back after closing against the frame.


With the proper door closer care, you can avoid a variety of possible issues, including:

  • Door misalignments
  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Unusual door movement
  • Seal repairs or oil leaks:
    • Broken and worn seals in the door closer create a clearance gap that makes the hardware prone to damage and possible oil leaks.
    • An oil leak may be indicative of mechanical issues with a door closer, such as missing screws, damaged O-rings or broken seals.

A door installed with a properly adjusted door closer will open and close UNDER CONTROL at all times. The door closer will prevent possible bodily injury or damage to the door and door frame. It also reduces the sound of the door closing because it prevents slamming.