Door Not Closing All The Way

Door closer is not closing properly

If your door does not close completely, the bracket needs adjustment. The bracket attaches the door closer to the door.

Door closer does not close completely

Sometimes when the front door does not close completely it exposes the individuals inside to external elements and often even unwanted pests. Furthermore, a malfunctioning door is not a professional reflection of businesses/stores.

Maintaining temperatures Inside

Door closers also play a role in maintaining average cooling temperatures, since colder air does not vent out for longer periods if the door remains closed for longer periods on average.

Door Dose Not Close Properly

The door at William Schwitzer & Associates, attorney office in Manhattan, didn’t reach the maglock, making it impossible to lock the door.

To solve this problem, we removed the door, replaced its top arm, and align it to ensure smooth opening and closing.

Door Closer Service Offered For Door Closer That Is Not Closing All The Way

Door Closers NYC team of experts understand the importance of door closer care; we will keep your commercial doors in excellent working condition.

  • Commercial door closer adjustment
  • Commercial door closer repair
  • Commercial door closer installation

Like a any door, the doors of your business affects customers’ impression about your business. Not only does the door need to have a certain level of look, but it also needs to facilitate safe passage in and out of the building. When people encounter your business, you need to ensure that you do everything possible to keep customer loyalty, including the easy operation of your door.

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Do not use the door closer as a door stop. If you want to prevent the door from opening beyond a specified point an auxiliary doorstop is always recommended.