Floor Spring Door Closers

Door closers should be checked daily for proper attachment,

evidence of leaking fluids, force of operation, and wear off components.

Floor Spring Door Closers


Floor spring are concealed door closers that offer protection from vandalism as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Preventing Further Damage

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Floor-spring closers are typically used on glass storefront doors. They are mounted in the floor and are concealed. A bar within the closer is fitted into the underside of the door, which controls the closing action.

Floor spring door closers available with backcheck, hold-open, adjustable latching action and closing speeds, suitable for locations where vandalism could occur or aesthetics are paramount. 

Door Closers

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We also provide you with the latest products and installation methods, as well as prompt and reliable service, ensuring you receive superior results and satisfaction.

Floor Mounted Closer

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Concealed Door Closer

Overhead concealed door closers are hidden in the frame header.

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Surface Mounted Closer

Surface-mounted door closers provide a wide variety of features.

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Exit Device

Exit devic and hardware for glass, wood and fireproof doors.

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