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Floor Concealed Door Closers

Floor concealed door closers offer adaptability to almost any installation – Floor concealed door closers have the closer mounted into the floor area of a door with observable arms that either exert the force of the closer on the door or limit the door swing travel.

Floor closer for fire and life safety, floor closer for fire and life safety, remote release, and control, or tempered glass door applications.

Preventing Further Damage

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Floor closer for fire and life safety

There are many modifications and possible uses that allow certain operations and cycling of doors with Floor Concealed Door Closers products.

Actions like: hold open, delayed closing, and door swing management are all available. With some brands, the floor concealed door closers must be specially handed for either right or left-hand installations.

Dual-action floor concealed door closers where the door sweeps in either direction are also available with additional hold open and delay functions.

Mostly the choice to use floor concealed door closers has to do with the desire to provide a finished clean appearance free of a piece of hardware positioned on the door or frame of an opening.

In contrast to the box-like surface mounted closer commonly found on doors in schools, hotels, hospitals and other commercial venues, concealed door closers are completely hidden to most observers.

When it’s time to replace your door closer:

  • If oil is leaking from your door closer, it’s time to buy a new one.
  • If the closer is slamming the door and cannot be adjusted to do otherwise, either the fluid has leaked out, or the valve seals are worn out. Either way, your best option is to replace it.
  • If the closer has no spring tension and the spring tension adjustment turns round and round with no effect, the spring is broken the door closer must be replaced.

We are using doors with self-closing for these reasons:

Security – Doors to secured areas will always close and relock.
Energy Loss – Prevents energy loss for air-conditioned or heated facilities, particularly on exterior doors.
Sound Containment – Minimizes sound intrusion through open doors.
Push/Pull Doors – The closer holds the door closed when the door is not self-latching.
Fire Doors – Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requires that any fire-listed door must be self-closing to stop the spread of fire.

Door Closers NYC

Work with door closer care experts that have the right tools, equipment, and experience installing, maintaining and repairing door closers. With proper care, you can avoid a variety of possible issues, including door misalignments, damage to the doorframe, unusual door movement.

We provide first-class installation, repair, and maintenance services. Contact our knowledgeable team and learn how we can provide total door care as well as glass repair, door-frame, hinges, threshold, and door hardware.

Door Closers NYC business motto states that we will work with you and your associates at your convenience to personally take you through our services and product range onsite as well as providing onsite after sales support as required.

Our technicians are experts with a hydraulic door closer, door closer fitting, automatic door closers, door closer adjustment.

We also provide you with the latest products and installation methods, as well as prompt and reliable service, ensuring you receive superior results and satisfaction.

Floor Mounted Closer

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